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Honours Class Attends Nat Nasaka Reading


Learning how to use a typewriter.

Honours students outside the exhibition.

Honours students outside the exhibition.

On Thursday 15 May, the MECS Honours journalism class visited the Old Courthouse Museum in Durban to listen to a reading and the history of apartheid journalist Nat Nakasa.  The trip, which included a tour of the Museum’s Nat Nakasa exhibition, demonstrated to students the hardships experienced by black journalists during the apartheid era and gave them the opportunity to read some of Nakasa’s most famous pieces. In addition, they were shown and given the opportunity to use the type of equipment used by journalists during the 1960s.

Some of the most shocking articles that students were confronted with dealt with issues of race.  Many were outraged by the realities of the apartheid system and remarked how thankful they were that South Africa ‘had woken up to its absurdities’.

Students reading about Nakasa's work.

Students reading about Nakasa’s work.

After the reading, the Honours class were given the opportunity to partake in the production of a music video on the Durban beachfront.  The video, which is a South African version of Pharrell’s hit Happy, gave students the opportunity to learn directing, acting and in-field editing. While some students were hesitant to appear in front of the camera, they were all happy direct those who were.


Checking playback and discussing direction.

After a full day, and with some students having never visited the beach before, the class decided to end their day with a quick lunch at Moyo’s to sum up what they had learnt and enjoy the fantastic Durban winter sunshine.


The whole class after a long day in the field.

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