Another Time

By Tammy Frankland

Nervously, Tiffany swings her legs back and forth as she scans Clocktower Lane; jokingly known as lovers Lane on campus, this she does every few seconds in the hope of seeing Rashid, her teenage love appear around the corner. They have been meeting here all semester, flirting, teasing and holding hands. She still gets butterflies in her stomach when she thinks of his broad shoulders, immaculately spiked hair, the way he fills out those brand name jeans and the spicy cologne almost every part of his being seems to be bathed in.  Is it the danger of their forbidden love that makes the rendezvous so thrilling or is this true love she wonders whilst adjusting her boots? Lately things have been heating up and they no longer feel comfortable snuggling up in the seemingly private alcoves of the Old Main Building veranda. Even in an age when skin difference should not be an issue, people stare as they walk past the white girl sitting on the lap of an Indian boy. Rashid had been hinting lately about the things he dreams of doing to her and she blushes involuntarily as she thinks about letting him. How would they get this right though? They haven’t told their parents so they can’t go to each other’s homes and they are never left alone on campus.

A light peck on the cheek jerks her out of her intimate Rashid wonderings. Beaming perfect white teeth he drops his haversack at her feet and they embrace for a long time. Rashid jumps up onto the corridor and playfully pulls Tiffany in after him so that she can sit between his legs with his arms wrapped protectively around her. How often in those moments he would tell her she was his soul mate and that there would never be another. It made enduring the torture of keeping their relationship a secret bearable. She thinks back on their last conversation when he pleaded with her that not telling anybody about the relationship was for her own protection. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you because of me” he had persisted, and this was good enough for now. Sitting under the window sill with Rashid, she smiles and caressingly turns his hand over to map the veins on the inside of his wrist.

“Hey!” he whispers intimately in her ear, “remember what we were discussing the other day, you know about taking things a bit further, or at least messing about without everybody staring at us?” Tiffany looks up at him shyly and hesitantly responds “yes”. “Well, I’ve been told that there are toilets in the old main building that nobody uses, and well we could go there and lock the door.” She watches him for a while, unsure of what to say, a moment in time that would forever change their relationship. Is this something she wants, is she ready? He is so gentle and understanding, if she said no, surely it wouldn’t be an issue? “Rashid don’t you think it would be gross for us to hook up in a toilet? Those Old Main Building toilets are disgusting!” she responds quietly. A bit taken aback, he laughs and kisses her hair affectionately. “No, these are not public toilets; apparently they are only used by the cleaners to store chemicals in.” He watches her expectantly for an answer. “We could just go check it out, and if you not comfortable, we can leave” he offers. She finally concedes “Ok, let’s go have a look.”

Tiffany’s palms are already sweating as they open the toilet door of the basement room. They had never really discussed how far they would go. She wasn’t even sure if he had protection with him. Surely this would just be a little kissing and touching, nothing too heavy. “Come on, it’s ok” he tries to reassure her as he urges her to enter the cold dark room. “Let’s take the last cubicle, here” he suggests a little too eagerly. Rashid takes her hand and pushes open the toilet door. Suddenly she’s not too sure that this is right and she pulls back and stands stubbornly outside.

This isn’t how she fantasized her first time would be. “Don’t worry” he urges and takes her hand again and leads her into the toilet and locks the door. Immediately and hungrily he starts kissing her and running his hands down her back. The thrill and the rush of this amount of freedom and privacy is too much to resist and she responds, running her hands up his shirt and over the tight muscles of his chest, something she had dreamed of doing so many times.  Rashid steps back and while watching her, takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground. Oh what the hell she thinks, it’s not like they will be disturbed down here. He slowly takes hold of her blouse and tugs at it teasingly to indicate it must come off too. She helps and takes it off smiling slyly. He gently traces kisses down her neck and slows when he reaches the red lace of her bra. They are breaking new ground and she is reveling in the idea that he is losing himself in the intensity of the moment. Her body is alive and it responds to every touch, she grabs his belt loops and pulls him close feeling his arousal against her. He lifts her up so that she is straddled around his waist.

Their sensual kisses are everywhere, fuelling desire beyond control. He starts to undue his buckle and drops his pants to reveal silky Sponge Bob under shorts. They nervously giggle as more and more of their young bodies are revealed, giving access to lithe, naked skin. Rashid is slowly pulling down her jeans and trailing kisses down her quivering abdomen when a load bang at the door jolts them both back to a breathless reality. Rashid hastily grabs for his clothes and freezes. “Where are my bloody clothes!” he hisses between his teeth. Tiffany hastily pulls up her pants and tries to find her blouse, it too is missing. Obviously some joker has dragged their clothes out from under the door. An angry woman shouts out “Rashid!  If this is you bringing your little sluts down here to have sex in the toilets again, I am going to take photos of you naked and send them to your parents! You should be ashamed of yourself; I warned you that if I catch you down here again I am going to shame you! Now if you want your clothes, you are going to have to come out and take them from the other end of this floor mop, the same mop I am going to beat the both of you with. I’m going to teach you a lesson laaities!” She gives the toilet door another violent bang and shouts “come out!” Rashid jumps, clearly petrified but Tiffany can no longer hear; tears of regret sting her eyes as she slowly slides the deadly silver blade back into her jeans pocket. This may have been her first, but she was going to make sure it was Rashid’s last. Another time she contemplates and steals herself for what’s about to come.

  1. Karen Kidson

    Lovely story with so much detail one lives into the situation. So real.

  2. well done good writing 🙂

  3. Thanks Reggie 🙂

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